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Reservation with United Airlines 

For the travel enthusiast, United Airlines Reservations assists you in every manner for the comfort of your journey. From the Northern lights of the arctic to the coral reefs of Australia, United Airlines will provide every service necessary. We provide 24/7 services entailing United Airlines reservation Phone number- 1-800-864-8331) United Airlines is a well-known name in the Hospitality sector for many yearslong. But it’s always required to know more about the service provider.

United Airlines established its foot in the list of the Travel industry sector also known to people by other names such as United airlines inc, United Airlines, and United Air. This travel Airline company also comes under the domain like public or B2C by specialists of this sector along with marketing experts and customers. A house of a big family, United airlines Reservations employs approximately a few thousand people under its name and provides employment opportunities to many. United Airlines keeps pace with other big players in the same industry such as United Airlines, Air Canada and JetBlue, etc. in every service that incorporates the Travel and tourism sector.

Official contact information of United Airlines

Building Address:

United Airlines, Inc.

233 S. Wacker Drive

Chicago, IL 60606

United States

Mailing Address:

United Airlines, Inc.

PO Box 06649

Chicago, IL 60606-0649

United States

Customer Care Number:


Contact Number for United Airlines Reservations services 

If you like to get in touch with United Airlines reservation best journey providing flight travel facilities, You will need to contact At the United Airlines Facility provider for reservation. United Airlines is the best in demand which assists its customer 24/7 all the year with the best possible solutions to all your questions and solves it in no time. Our Airline service contains multiple affordable packages from economic to business class based on the need of its customers. United Airlines reservation provides simple protocols which generally result in a limited schedule once you contact them. You don’t have to worry about your personal information as this is a top-notch priority to keep our customers’ privacy and identify confidentially.

To make a reservation with United Airlines, take a look into some frequently asked queries that arise in our customer’s mind.

Here are some queries that you might be interested in:

  • Customers want to know about their flight’s arrival and departure status with all the information.
  • Any information regarding update status
  • All the information regarding baggage and carry on limits.
  • The money-back or refund policy details of United Airlines.
  • Question-related to real-time offers and packages to exotic destinations and time appropriate holiday packages.
  • All the details regarding the loyalty program and company policy.
  • Special terms and conditions if you are travelling with toddlers or pets

In case if you like to make any queries then you have the option to contact us using our customer service helpline number and we guarantee you to sort out every issue that you might be encountering. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you want, we are available to provide the best assistance at your doorstep.

Avail 24/7 promising Support from United Airlines reservations Phone Number at any time.

To get in touch with United Airlines reservation customer service supervisors to receive useful information services with United Airlines reservations center. Our major purpose lies in delivering the best customer assistance to passengers journeying with air transportation. We provide telephonic communication service at your doorstep or at any place you can connect to us with our friendly professionals, in the meantime that you face any problem regarding your safe journey, before, amid, or after the flight. If you have any doubts or uncertainties which may be related either to Journey or some crucial issues, Our United Airlines Reservations customer support service comes in handy by facilitating you to catch up with company officials and get the problems resolved with ease.

Our effective customer care services executive provides better solutions to discover and analyze the root cause of any problem. If you’ve obtained the slight feeling that your voyage was acceptable, you can contact the United Airlines reservation customer support center in no time.

Highlights of United airlines reservations services


Is it true that you are looking for the check-in services of United Airlines? United Airlines reservation provides all the requirements for satisfying your needs, their experts come up with first-class assistance which benefits you to effectively verify your ID proof and deliver your boarding pass without making any trouble to you. At the point when you choose to fly with United Airlines, they engage with you all the time to finish your check-in procedure even 72 hours before your booked flight.

Ticket booking And Reservation

If you’ve decided to fly with United Airlines, the first thing you need to do is book your tickets and complete the United Airlines reservations process. This can be easily done through the United Airlines Official site Or there is one more option left is to give a call on the United Airlines reservation contact number +1-855-915-0936. Moreover, you can also get hold of your boarding pass after picking the reservation option for a ticket and completing your online check-in process.

Request The Support of United Reservations Customer Service 

United Airlines is making its way that client satisfaction is the foremost importance. In any chance that if you will fly with United airlines, at that point you will be amazed that it’s never seen before like services such as luxurious meals, exotic drinks, the safety and solace which is unmatched with other airlines out there. If in any chance that you face some issues then at that point the customer care service office will be there to tackle your issues. Our airline staff makes top-class arrangements accessible to every travel enthusiast for appreciating an excellent travel experience of a lifetime.

Here are some incredible services that separate United Airlines reservation from the others.

  • Book your flight ticket
  • E-Ticket Booking Facility
  • Immediate Cancelling and Refund assistance.
  • Check-in Facility at Online and Offline basis
  • Coupons and vouchers are available all time.
  • Notification facility for a status update
  • Flight attendees’ status update
  • Availability United Airlines Official Android and Ios App for better assistance.

Every one of these facilities isn’t simply easy to get but also it is available even to far distance travelers. To book your tickets through our authentic United Airlines reservation phone number, you need to dial +1-855-915-0936 for a better service experience. The team of experts and well-experienced staff here guarantees you to deliver help with all the previously mentioned services and replies to every one of your questions and inquiries. United Airlines works nonstop to help and direct its customers. In this way, travelers can contact us whenever and wherever with any of their requirements. The experts will guide you in the most ideal way.

Customers who travel with United Airlines reservations can engage with the group of experts at any time employed by United Airlines. These individuals will help you in every manner with the line of your satisfaction. One thing you need to do first simply requests it. If any case arises that you have genuine objections against United or one of its representatives for their misconduct or any other issue that you don’t approve of, in that case, you can contact our customer support specialist and we will give you the best possible way in a couple of days. 

There are multiple procedures available to book a flight on United Airlines. One way is that you can log in to the official website of United Airlines reservation or another way is to download and utilize the  United application which is accessible in the app store for iPhone users and in the play store for Android users. In this way, you will also get the benefit of the discount, voucher, offers, and many more if you use the United Airlines application website.

Another extraordinary method to reserve a boarding pass is to contact our group of travel agents if you need the least expensive deals and offers. United Airlines reservations have experts who can customize the tour packages that are made just for you. Even though the prices of our airlines may change now and then but don’t worry, we will provide you with the most ideal deal. Our officials can assist you with all the means associated with the online booking of your ticket, all you need to do is simply give us a call on the given number and we will contact you at the timeframe you provided.

To get the benefit of low flight rates on United Airlines, Customers need to follow some basic hints when reserving a ticket. 

  1. If in any circumstance that you are planning your trip well ahead of time, you can get the best available incredible offers and deals from our Airline. Ordinarily, Airlines lower the rates when booked 47 days before the planned journey date. 
  1. It is also advised that customers choose to book tickets on some specific day or time to get the best minimum fare rates as it is commonly seen that airfares are min on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays because of the nature of working days in a week. 
  1. Likewise, those tickets that are booked at some specific departure time like flights departing after 5 pm have cheaper airfares than those departing in the morning. 
  2. Logic is simple, people prefer to travel in the morning to save the daylight time.
  1. Customers are similarly encouraged to book a round trip schedule instead of two single trips as aircraft offer probably the best discount on round trip air journeys. 
  1. It should be noted here that Customers should book their tickets during holiday and festival season as Airline companies provide best deals and offer on reservations during the celebration season to maximise the profits.

So start looking for the best deals and offers on our website and save your seat on United Airlines before prices go up. If you are planning to book a reservation ticket, you can contact the United Airlines reservation Contact Number directly.

Why should the customer’s reserve tickets with United Airlines? 

Treat yourself to the additional suitability of premium cabin seating of United Airlines Reservations.

  • Free standard checked bag 
  • Comfortable and wide seats 
  • Preference onboarding and security line access 
  • Free Alcoholic refreshments 

With an exceptional cabin seating offer, you can be immediately reserved in a seat in one of our superior Cabins. If you have resources and money, then in this condition you can also buy premium cabin seating at the time of booking a ticket, you are then eligible to check your United Airlines reservation through the Manage Reservations page on united.com, or checking in on the web, on your smartphone or at an airport, whichever feels comfortable to you. The customized price option that you’ll find in the offer depends on various components, for example, Premier® status, seat accessibility, flight origin and destination, date of journey, and date of ticket buy.

Refund and cancellation policy of United Airlines

When people decide to travel across the country or they want to travel from one country to another country. They got different option to travel and one of fastest way to travel is to travel by Airplane. Now there are different airlines which provides the service to the traveler and their prices may get differ from region to region and depending upon the choice of the traveler. Now as the traveler wants to travel, they need to know this if they try to book a ticket way before their travel the ticket prices will be lower and as their travel is closer to the booking the prices they will get will be on the higher side. Once the traveler decides where they want to travel and when they want to travel, they need to know which airline is providing them best service at reasonable price which makes their travel hassle free and traveler gets a comfortable journey. Now there are many airlines to choose from and when the traveler decides from airline, they want to travel there are some certain things which they need to know before booking their flight with that particular flight. Because if the things do not go as planned the traveler must know what steps they need to take.

At first the traveler needs to know what are the change policy of their selected airlines and what is their refund policy. This is important to know because if the traveler wants to make change into their flight, they would be able to know what steps they need to take and how much money it will cost to make change into their flight. The refund policy is one of the crucial policies to know about because there are times when the travelers are not able to take the flight or they got some emergency due to which they need to cancel their flight. So, when they need to cancel their flight, they will be aware about how much money they will get or they will get any kind of refund or not.

United Airlines is one of the best airlines which provides the ultimate traveling experience to their traveler and it provides the travel facility in many countries. And if the traveler is looking to book their ticket from United Airlines so in order to help them, we will tell the traveler about the United Airlines Cancelation and Refund policy so that it will help them if there are any kind plan is changed by them or when the traveler wants to cancel their tickets due to some of their personal reasons.

If you want to cancel your United Airlines reservation, we advise you to visit the My trips for the cancellation procedure and request for refund initiation. The refund will be according to the type of ticket and the journey. The refund will be produced to you in the form of a future flight credit or original form of payment whichever you want to prefer.

In any chance that you have canceled your reservation, the second option will be to complete the refund form given and we’ll connect you immediately as per your convenience to let you recognize whether your ticket is updated for a refund. If your ticket restores all the necessary terms and conditions of the refund policy, your refund will be placed back in your authentic account. All you need to do is wait up to seven business days for us to process your refund request. The timing of the refund process for tickets will vary as per the guidelines of international locations.

United Airline Change Policy- How to Change Flight Details

If the traveler wants to make a change to their flight ticket or they want to make some kind of modification one thing they need to keep into their mind that the chances of getting a refund or the cancellation fees are very low. And if the traveler still wants to make the changes, then they need to understand the Change Policy of United Airlines. In order to get all of the information related to the changed policy or the modification user can follow the below steps.

Step 1: At first the traveler needs to visit the official website of the United Airlines and after that they need to click on the option of My Reservation now in order to make the changes for the flight the traveler needs to enter their last name along with the confirmation number. Now user needs to enter into their United Airlines account in order to make any kind of changes into their flight.

Step 2: Start the check-in process on the official website of the United Airlines. When the traveler is able to upgrade their status of stand-by for that flight which is leaving in the next three hours, then the traveler needs to make sure that they use their original earlier reservation. The traveler needs to select the previous flight and after that they need to select the stand by status.

Step 3: In order to change the mileage ticket plus rewards tickets or miles and ticket fares the traveler won’t be able to change them online. And for this they need to contact the reservation department of United Airlines. The traveler can also change the booking or change the reservation for the same day and for this they need to contact the United Airlines reservation department.

Step 4: The traveler can ask for the assistance from the Customer service support of the United reservation center. They can ask for the assistance in order to make change or switch to an earlier flight. If the traveler has booked their ticket from the third-party then they will be charged with the additional flight change fees along with the alteration and cost of travel.

24-hour Change Policy of United Airlines

If the traveler has booked their ticket at least 7 days before their departure then in that case they will get the free United ticket or they can order a change without paying extra. But withing the 24 hours after buying the tickets the traveler needs cancel or order changes into the flight tickets.

Same Day Flight Change

If the traveler has the limited flight fare, then they will get the discount on the airport change. And if the traveler is having the Economy ticket with them then they will not be permitted to have the flight modification. The flight changes are only approved for those who have the Premier silver, Mileage Plus, premier gold and premier 1k and they will not be charged for this.

Different Route

If the passenger has been at the airport 24 hours after booking the flight, then the passenger can pick up the any other flight with the help of official airlines by using the official website of the United Airlines. The passenger can also use the United Airlines application in order to make the changes.

After booking the ticket within 24-hours the passenger can do the changes and make changes to the reservation without any extra fees. The passenger can also make changes to their reservation by making a call on the Customer care support team of United Airlines.

United Airlines Refund Policy

When the unwanted circumstances appear in front of the passenger and they had to cancel their ticket. The one thing that comes into their mind is a refund, now different companies have different policies related to the refund. Some companies offer a refund on limited tickets or some companies give only half of the amount of the ticket. So, it is useful for the traveler to know about the Refund policy before they book their ticket.

  1. If the traveler has purchased the ticket from United Airlines in the 24 hours and they completed the ticket purchase one week before the departure they will qualify for cancellation fees.
  2. The company has different refund policy for different countries.
  3. Credit Card Refund will be processed within the 7 days after making the request. And all other refund will be processed within the 20 days of making the request.
  4. The refund will be credited the way passenger made their payment.
  5. If the passenger is having the economy class ticket, then they do not have the permission to make the changes. But if they cancel their ticket, they will get the full refund of the canceled ticket.
  6. If the booked ticket has sure refunded the traveler can initiate the refund but the cancellation charges will be there depending upon the ticket fare.

Refund strategy overview

We provide 24/7 booking services, if you bought your ticket through United Airlines a day before and you finalized your purchase one week or more before the originally planned departure flight, it may authorize you for a waiver of alteration or cancellation charges.

Most of the basic Economy flight tickets are not allowed to change at any Airlines service provider, but rather they are qualified for a refund within a day after booking with United Airlines as long as you finalized your purchase seven days or more before the originally planned departure flight. 

In any case that your ticket fulfils the eligibility criteria for refunds, you can give a visit to our Manage reservations page to drop your booking and get a full refund.

Due to the emergence of Covid-19 in 2020, we revised our refund policies to be more flexible at the start of June. In case if you underwent an important United Airlines reservation daily schedule disorder and were rejected a refund between March 1st, 2020, and June 6th, 2020, and no longer able to get the advantage of your United travel credit, you need to fill out the refund procedure form and we will evaluate your credit claim shortly to specify if you are finally suited for a refund.

In every other case, a refund may be produced for any payment of ticket that allows refunds and fills our refund policy. Relying on the rules and regulations of the ticket purchased, a cancellation extra charge may or may not be applied. Maximum no of ticket fares are non-refundable and also not qualified for automatic refunds. Still, the price of your fare may be eligible to be added or applied with the price of a new ticket for payment. The validity of tickets is one year from the date of the ticket acquired, but not for the tickets that were bought between May 1, 2019, to  March 31, 2020, which are valid for two years only.

The refund amount that you will receive relies upon several conditions. For instance, tickets that are partially travelled will be calculated at a distributed amount based on the rules and regulations of the ticket paid for and segments flown. Expenses and taxes collected in conjunction with the fare amount will only be refunded if relevant.

Payments that are made from credit cards will be initiated within seven business days on the request of a refund. All other refunds will be initiated under 20 business days of the request. Your refund will be produced successfully and credited back to your account. 

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FAQs Related to Reservation with United Airlines