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Privacy policy

The policy of Airlines complies with the conventional sites logs file. These files track visitors when you access sites. Each hosting company offers this as part of the analytical services. The log file data contains IP address, date and timing, references/exits, and, presumably, the click number. The obtained data comprises the number of clicks and the data. No publicly identifiable information is linked to them. The information is used for the study of trends, site management, site tracking, and population information processing.

The data collected and retained directly from you (both online or offline), including personal information, is collected and maintained automatically as you use our websites and websites of third parties. When planning a tour, we are collecting information from you, emailing us, completing an inquiry, registering with MileagePlus, joining an offer, or else communicating with us. Here is the basic information which can be collected by us:

  • Name of the passenger
  • Customer Contact information
  • Gender and date of birth of the passenger
  • Payment information e.g., credit card information
  • Passport information and photograph of the passenger
  • Government ID cards
  • Travel preferences and special requests form passengers
  • User and activity data from our sites and applications;

information we collect from you

you should always check the privacy policy of your third-party ad servers for additional details. It can include protocols and instructions for avoiding these options. Here you can find a complete list of the following Privacy Policies and their connections: Privacy Policy Links.

Buying online

In the case that you photograph with us, whether as a member of MileagePlus or a “guest,” we gather your information, including traveller information, payment data, contact details, travel preferences.

Purchases offline: mobile, travel agent or counter

A reservation agent gathers data including payment details, passport identification, birth date, name, addresses, and e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers to make a purchase or exchange with a Customers Contact Centre, a travel agent (including online travel agent outside countries) or a customer service representative (collectively the “reservation agent). We will track telephone calls to reservation agents and/or archive them. You are assumed to agree to such surveillance and/or documenting by proceeding with the call.


In compliance with the nature of our programs, where appropriate to comply with federal aviation or security legislation, obtain and retain travel information regarding children under the age of 13 or otherwise authorized by us to provide the transportation or other services if needed.

Internet Data Privacy Policies

This Data Security Provision only includes our online operations and is relevant to the information they post or collect on our website in compliance with airline policy visitors. No information gathered offline or by networks other than the web is subject to this policy.

We are here to only provide you the information related to the airline and their policy we don’t support any privacy threats to the consumers. The information is offered on this site is authorized and support the policies of the airlines

Personal information of the customer

We try to provide only basic access to our online website without any kind of registration procedure, we don’t support that. The site follows the basic policy to keep in mind the privacy of the visitors. However, we may sometimes ask for your personal information that will be surely used for identification to improve the service quality for the upcoming visitors. You may need to follow the registration to get access to some of the important pages on our website.  The registration process is here only to support the advanced features provided on this site.  And also, we may collect the details like the first name, last name, and email id or contact number of the customer to offer them the services and help them to get all the necessary help they are looking for.

We may also use your details to provide the service as per your interest and preferences. If any other user doesn’t want to share their personal information, they will just not able to access some of the features provided on the site. So, in that case, customers may want to secure their details from the site.  Some of the essential information like your reviews, queries, rating, or bookmarks may be visible to the public. it will be the responsibility of the users of our website to provide only authentic personal details on the site.

Sharing of the collected information’s

We do not support the personal details of any user or customer to any kind of the third party. Sometimes we may share the details with any agents, service provider, or a third party to make some efferent improvements in our services. For that, we will keep you updated throughout the process.  The originally collected details of the consumers may also be used sometimes to advertise and for communication purposes.  And we will be not liable for any disputes if the shared information is used by any fraud done by the third party.

Security of the collected details

We understand the privacy of the customers. And we support customer information protection. We don’t support any third party and don’t provide any information to anyone. We use reasonable tools for the safety of the collected information. We take the appropriate steps and guidance to keep the personal details of the customer safe. We don’t guarantee full protection but we can assure you that your shattered information is in safe hands. We don’t offer any threats to your data directly. And we help to keep protect your data from any kind of outside threats.

Sometimes change in the policy

We update our site regularly to provide the best services we could offer to our customers. And to provide maximum security to the consumer for their data. We keep on upgradation. And we don’t provide you or able to update you from time to time. So basically, it is your responsibility to look forward to the change in policy from time to time so you can be aware of all the policies which have been changed by us. Modifications are necessary to keep upgrading the details offered on the site. So, it is pieces of advice to the customers to keep on track on the site for any modification that may occur on the site. Look forward to the services which are provided on the site, policies which different airline offers to the passenger all over the world.