Flight Reservation And Cancellation

One inevitable truth of life is that every person will grow old one day. With age comes greater probability of falling ill. The advancements in the field of medicine have made it possible for the people to follow their dreams in spite of their illness. The airline industry understands this fact and have made amendments in their policies to meet the needs of the senior citizens. These policies include a wide variety of cases and thus have nearly got each base covered.

  1. Senior Citizen Concession: In order to encourage senior citizens to travel, government had introduced a senior citizen concession policy. This policy is not only for air travel but is also applicable for other modes of transport. The documents required to avail this concession include any valid photo ID, Voter’s ID card etc. The discount varies from flight to flight.
  2. Rules regarding wheelchair: Some airlines charge for the wheelchairs while some do not. If you are bringing your own wheelchair then you must inform about the same to the concerned airline authorities.
  3. Medical Condition: If a senior citizen has a medical condition, then he/she has to carry a fitness-to-fly clearance certificate at all times.
  4. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: This insurance covers all scenarios, ranging from passport loss to medical emergencies.
  5. Concierge: A signature service concierge will even manage the most trivial airport travel details ranging from security checks and providing you with encouraging words.

Last but not the least, in order to ensure a hassle-free experience, reach the airport as early as possible. The security procedures, though time consuming, are of utmost importance as it ensures your security and also will help you to have a hassle-free journey. If a senior citizen has any difficulty while reading and is confused which instructions to follow, then the airline authorities will help him/her out while boarding, ticket booking and also will provide them with carts to help them reach the desired gate. The duty-free shops at the airport also have a separate section for senior citizens. These sections are aligned with all the utilities that a senior citizen requires at the time of travel. The people who run the shop will also guide the senior citizens to their desired gate number.