Flight Reservation And Cancellation

Though pregnancy is considered to be the most beautiful thing that happens to humans, it surely has a fair share of problems. The problems can range from morning sickness to mood swings and from hormonal changes to complex pregnancies. It is difficult for a woman to locomote in such delicate situations, so the first question that should be answered is whether it is absolutely necessary to travel. It is also advised that if you are traveling in order to just meet your cousins, aunt or a distant relative then wait until the baby comes out.

Before traveling, be sure to organize all the documents related to pregnancy. These documents come in handy when you are undergoing a security check, boarding the flight and so on. A medical certificate also has to be carried by the woman, which states that the woman is absolutely fine to travel. Some airlines have formulated a policy that if the woman has not crossed 36th week of pregnancy, then she can travel without any medical documentation. If the woman has crossed 36th week of her pregnancy then she has to carry with her an obstetrician’s certificate that assures the concerned authorities that the woman along with her baby is hail and hearty. 

The rules differ from company to company. Some flights require the pregnant woman to be accompanied by a doctor who is at least MBBS-certified. All these rules and regulations might confuse a traveller and might send him/her in a tizzy, so it is always advised to check all the rules beforehand. 

In case of any emergencies, report directly to the concerned authorities. A team of specialized doctors are always present at the airport. Along with doctors, a paramedical team is always present at your disposal. In such situations, it is advised to stay calm and wait for help. Take deep breaths and think positively. It is always good to inform the authorities even at the slightest of discomfort as it is said that prevention is better than cure.