Flight Reservation And Cancellation

The world has witnessed some horrid times lately. Humans had felt a sense of discomfort and had been strangulated by fear and uncertainty. Pets on the other hand have experienced their master’s love on a very different degree. The airline industry recognizes this and have framed rules and regulations to accommodate pets on the flight.

  1. Health and Rabies vaccination certificates: The owner of the pet must carry the following certificate with him/her all the time. If the document is valid then the person is allowed to carry his/her pet in cargo or in the cabin concealed in a carrier. 
  2. Moisture absorbent mat: A moisture absorbent mat should be placed inside the container so that in case the pet urinates does not make a lot of fuss.
  3. Properly muzzled and leashed: Another requirement that the people have to fulfil in order to carry their pets is that the pet dogs have to be properly muzzled and leashed.
  4. Trained Guide Dog: One interesting rule that has been formulated by various flights is that if a blind person or a visually impaired person is dependent on the dog, then that dog will be carried free of charge. Again, re-iterating the fact that the dog has to be properly muzzled and leashed.

Military background: Some airlines have formulated policies that favour the active military personnel and their spouses. They can transport their cats and dogs when they are travelling on an assignment that has been issued by the government. 

These are some standard regulations that are followed all around the world. Some airlines require different kinds of documents for the clearance of pets and might also demand different amount of money based on their respective policies. Airports all around the world have duty-free sections that allow people to buy mementos for their colleagues or their loved ones at reduced cost. Some airports also have stores that are dedicated only for pets. These shops contain food and also leashes. All these items are approved by the airport authorities and hence can be used by the master without any fuss.