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Imagine if you are on the flight and wondering that someone special may have messaged you? And how to reply to it with no internet, it can be a difficult situation for anyone. But not now delta Airlines has become the first U.S. multinational carrier to provide free cell messaging would be Delta Air Lines, they are started offering more users access to free messaging than any other carrier. The airline became the only aircraft with a free messaging service available.

This new complementary functionality will allow customers to remain completely linked to those on the ground and to share real-time messages via iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger with friends, family, co-workers, and customers on the flight. The upgrade the overall consumer experience during the journey. Both Gogo-enabled delta charges, including all two or more cabins airplanes, can get free texting. Free message. Delta’s Wi-Fi web website, airborne.gogoinflight.com, will allow consumers to receive free messaging. Free mobile messaging can only be for text use and does not allow a picture or video file transfer.

Also, passenger can use Free connections on devices including phone, tablet or laptop and browse, email, shop, message, social media and more at 30 000 feet. Delta states, however, that during these first experiments the use of video (e.g., Netflix or Hulu) would not be permitted. It wishes to see if consumers are using the service without streaming and aims to keep customers over on their travels via its comprehensive content selection in their IFE smartphones. It will most likely stop the situations were an airplane packed with travellers watching the new episode of favourite web show or movie. Although having facility to message your loved one could be enough for now. Delta airline is coming with the new age facilities in the flight to offer maximum customer satisfaction during the flight journey.

Free Messaging Keeps You Connected:

Delta delivers free instant messaging to keep you in contact with friends, families, and co-workers. Both iMessage’s can be used for free texting on Wi-Fi-enabled flights; Facebook Messenger is being opened to a different window; the WhatsApp can be opened in new mobile window applications.

A few things to know about Free Messaging on Delta:

  • Launch iMessage, open a new window, open Facebook Messenger, open a new window, or WhatsApp, open applications in a new window before departure, and ensure that the message recipients have the apps updated as well.
  • Accepted phrases and emojis. It does not support sharing images, videos, or SMS messages.
  • On flights where Wi-Fi use is greater than usual, it can take marginally longer to transmit messages.

In addition to mobile connectivity, Delta is expanding its high-speed broadband Internet access, seatback television screens, and free entertainment, which encourages passengers to select from and to enjoy their time on a touchdown basis.

Fast speed Wi-Fi from Delta, which is powered by Gogo’s 2Ku Wi-Fi technology, offers next-generation technology that provides reliable, constantly across the globe and oceans. Delta has Gogo 2 Ku’s biggest current fleet and 2 Ku of any carrier in the world’s largest engagement. Delta will build more than 600 aircraft for domestic and overseas flights with Wi-Fi high-speed over the next two years.

The High-Speed 2Ko Wi-Fi airline provides passengers with a home flight experience, including the capability to download content and use worldwide networks connected to work, such as VPN. To date, 200 aircraft with advanced WIFI technology have been deployed by the carrier.

Furthermore, Delta is supplying passengers with more seatback entertainment aircraft than any other carrier in the globe and in July installs the 500th seatback entertainment aircraft. In collaboration with Panasonic, the Delta company dedicated itself to the installation by the end of 2018 of over 600 seat-back panels. Besides engaging in seatback entertainment, passengers also can opt to stream the Delta Studio to the airline’s personal computers, as well as to all regional two-class aircraft.