Flight Reservation And Cancellation

Customers with disabilities

We all know that being a disable means a person won’t be able to enjoy life as a normal human being. Everything normal and easy for others to do is almost impossible for them.  So we have a methodology of how to serve customers with disabilities.

We have a vision to provide all time the best services to each and everyone. If you have any disability, we are with special plans for the convenience of your trip. It is our responsibility to keep your journey comfortable and convenient.

You should not lag behind from any accessibility to any service. We are here with our special services for you: 

  • Accessibility of entertainment during flight.
  • Access to Air Carriers.
  • Ventilators, CPAP machines, and respirators.
  • Wheelchair equipment for customers.
  • Inflight assistance.
  • Assistance at the airport.
  • Medical oxygen.
  • Safety.
  • Service animals.
  • Seating accommodations.
  • Proper instructions.

These are some services that are into our consideration. A person in need can judge effectively what should be the requirements. So, we provide all time assistance to listen to your needs.

We cannot assume what an individual can or cannot do. So, we can’t discount someone’s disability just because one cannot see it.

Our work intends to reflect the goodwill for customers with disabilities. We try to make our business more accessible and inclusive to serve customers with disabilities.

Disability comes in many forms such as learning, blind, deaf, mental health, Vision, Language of speech, intellectual etc.

Assistance all the time

As it is impossible to identify your needs, we provide access to our airport employees and inflight crew members to focus on your specific needs during your travel and reservation. You can anytime remind our employees to fulfil your request. 

Advance notice

Remember to carry your essential medications in a handbag for your travel. Some people face difficulty e so you are allowed to use the part beneath the seat for your material placement.  

Check directly with your carrier type for your travel needs. There are different policies and procedures that would apply.

It is good if you book your seat as early as possible. Although we do not need A to Z information of your disability, it can be a plus point for us to cater your needs. Kindly provide the authentic information only. 

 If you provide us 48 hours advance notice, and 1 hour for the airport check-in, we can handle all aspects. 

You will be provided onboard medical oxygen on flights between Guam and Honolulu.

We provide services for wheelchair batteries.

You would get a transporting electric wheelchair on an aircraft with fewer than 60 seats

You have a chance to entertain yourself and not get bored. If you are traveling with a group of similar people, you can avail the services of our psychiatric or service animal.

In demand of special meals, we require a minimum of 24 hours or more  advance notice.

Safety requirements

Safety requirements and equipment vary by aircraft and route. They apply to the carriage of persons with disabilities. For more information on your flight, our Accessibility Desk is available.

Medical clearance

You need to discuss with us beforehand about any clearance you might need to travel.

How do we serve the customer with a disability?

1.Welcoming service animals into your business. These service animals help in a different form of disabilities. Do not try to feed the service animals as they can get distracted.

2.We always arrange training and workshops led by experts for our staff members to inculcate skills for polite interaction with disabled people.  

3.Plan your emergency evacuations keeping in mind that customers with disability don’t face difficulty in such a scenario.

4.In case, we find ourselves in a position to deny a request made by a person with a disability, we try to think of alternative solutions.

Finally, We keep empathy towards them, treating them with respect, courtesy and dignity. Staying calm when dealing with unfamiliar situations is our team’s first priority.